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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Westchester Fruit Harvest program

For those interested in helping set up a Fruit Harvest program for the
Westchester area, come join us for a planning meeting tomorrow night
(Wednesday 2/4) 6:30-8pm.

We're setting up a program that will
* map the fruit trees in our local neighborhood
* connect excess fruit with individuals in need
* facilitate fruit exchange within the community
* (eventually) create community-building Fruit Harvest Parties where
volunteer teams harvest the fruit
* promote more sustainable use of local urban food resources

We're in the formation stages, collecting volunteers and beginning a
database of fruit trees. We need people who wish to help with: team
leadership, database entry, publicity, and door-to-door neighbor
notification. We also need people for fruit packing on Thursday

And, beginning in a few months we'll need: fruit picking party
planners, fruit picking party volunteers, fruit packing on Saturdays.

Planning meeting Weds 2/4, 6:30-8pm, upstairs Meditation Center, 6700
W. 83rd, Westchester (LA 90045).
You're welcome to attend even if you're not from Westchester and are
interested in exploring such a program for your own neighborhood.

Other urban areas have Fruit programs:
Village Harvest (Santa Clara)
Village Harvest FAQ with liability info (#4)
Neighborhood Orchard (Chicago)
Spiral Gardens Neighborhood Harvest (Oakland/Alameda)
North Berkeley Harvest
Neighborhood Harvest Rogue Valley
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