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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vegetable Garden Design class series - Mar 20, Apr 10, Apr 24

Learn to design your own edible landscape for your home garden. This popular series returns with Joanne Poyourow, who designed the Community Garden at Holy Nativity. You'll learn how to design a garden that will keep producing year round in our So Calif seasons.

Part I (Mar 20): "The Big Picture"

We'll begin with overall site design, permaculture zones, aesthetics, making full use of vertical vs horizontal space, and how to position your garden on your property.

Part II (Apr 10): "The Details"

You'll get to know common edible plants, their growing habits, and how to integrate them into your urban landscape, including vegetables, fruit trees, perennials, herbs, and "feral vegetables". We'll talk about plant families and the similarities in plant care within a family, and introduce companion planting and guilds.

Part III (Apr 24): "Rotations"

We'll pick up where we left off with companion planting and guilds, then discuss several different systems for vegetable crop rotation including traditional row methods, Square Foot Gardening, French Intensive plantings, and more. The class will conclude with a hands-on design project, where you will get to integrate your new knowledge with guidance and support from others as you participate in the design for the summer 2010 Community Garden.

Three Saturdays. While you are welcome to attend whichever sessions your schedule permits, please realize that information is definitely cumulative and will not be repeated.

Part of the Organic Vegetable Gardening class series

Cost: $5 to 10 suggested donation
Please bring a can of food to donate to LAX Food Pantry.

Site: Community Garden at Holy Nativity Church,
6700 W. 83rd, Westchester (LA 90045)