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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Growing a Resilient Local Economy - Mar. 11

Times are changing – radically. Changing times call for changing practices.

As you as you reorient your career, or as you create the 5- and 10-year plan for your business, we encourage you to do so with clear understanding of the potential pitfalls and the unprecedented opportunities.

In the decade ahead our local community will need:
  • Local businesses, which sell or utilize locally-sourced materials that demand far less transportation.
  • Businesses which are independent of national and international financial markets.
  • Core industries which provide the basic needs of living: food, water, shelter, basic clothing and tools.
  • Skilled craftsmen, home businesses, and barter-based services
  • Community banks, time banks, and sophisticated bartering networks
How do we support what we already have, build/grow/cultivate what we don’t have, and get the Transition process underway? Come join a community discussion of real solutions.

Download flier here (pdf)

7-9pm, Thurs Mar 11
Environmental Change-Makers and Transition Los Angeles
Community Hall of Holy Nativity Church, 6700 West 83rd, Westchester (LA 90045)
Suggested donation $1 to $5. We invite you to bring a can of food to donate to LAX Food Pantry.